My name is Michaela, and I love animals. This blog, however, is dedicated to my passion for snakes.
I personally own one normal & one BEL BP, but I plan on getting a corn snake and a high red goins striped kingsnake once I have the funds to care for them.
The snake in this picture is my BP named Osiris.
I am a novice when it comes to owning snakes, but I know a bit about BPs, so if you have a question, my inbox is always open! :)


Giving blood to the Red Cross today!


Donate blood and help save lives!


Donate blood and help save lives!







Pedigree is on a nationwide recall.

Pedigree made my 6 month old puppy too ill to eat anything for days.

If you have this brand please toss it and buy Purina, Science Diet, or Blue.

Please do not feed this to you animals.

Do not buy this brand.

It’s true

Reblogging to let any of my friends on here who are dog owners know this…

"In Roman community baths, it was customary for men to stand and applaud when a well-endowed peer entered the water."

why are men so weird everywhere always (x)

i just imagined this and cannot stop loling

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Paradox Orange Dream Ivory from an Orange Dream Butter Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly pairing. She belongs to Shane Whitaker Quality Serpents and Nick Boles. (x)  New Photo:(x)


Paradox Orange Dream Ivory from an Orange Dream Butter Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly pairing. She belongs to Shane Whitaker Quality Serpents and Nick Boles. (x)  New Photo:(x)



This BP needs rehoming in South Florida! He comes with the tank, and they’re asking $100 ((unless you can inbox me and show me you have experience with keeping reptiles, then he’s free to what I approve as a ‘good home’)). He is currently being fed live, but I’m sure with patience and diligence could be switched over to pre killed and eventually F/T.

For reference, the owner has had this snake since he was young and has just graduated college, so he is going to be moving around and essentially never ‘home.’ It’s not ideal for a snake to be constantly moving. If you can provide a good home for this baby, inbox me and let me know.

aw man! I so so so want a snake, but am definitely not in an finanical place or one atm… v.v

BUT! If there are any of my followers who want (and can care for) a lovely ball… do shoot a message to bullshit-bullsharks!!!


Posts that makes me question myself

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Don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti

I desperately need to follow more snake blogs but I follow like all 12 of them that show up and it isn't enough







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Hiya! This isn’t a snake blog but I have twonoodle children! I’ll be posting about the other reptiles in my family every Friday starting this week!

Meeeeee I have snakes, leezards, and crawly things

All the snakes.

Reptiles and snooks are found here!

Pythons be found here!


FINALLY got a digital scale

and I weighed my boys. Osiris is at 714g and Powder is 660g :)

So I’m in my World Civ 1 class and we’re learning about Egyptian Gods. Of course, Osiris came up and I got all excited until I remembered we are def not talking about my snake.

Anonymous asked:
I don't think reptiles are meant to be pets. They are wild animals and dont provide the same levels that dogs and cats do. Can you use a snake as a therapy amimal? No.






To add to this, I have TERRIBLE anxiety and the calming effects handling snakes provides me with are what prevents me from having to take anti-anxiety medication. They can be fantastic therapy animals.

Agreed. If I’m near a panic attack taking out any of my snakes sends it away almost immediately. 

Reptiles can make incredible therapy animals, especially for people with allergies to fur. I’ve brought Ngarehu with me to my Mom’s hospice and the residents there were active and interested in learning more about him. He was able to make connections to people who weren’t able to connect to an active and bouncy puppy.

Personally, I find him very soothing to handle as well. In public, when I feel like I’m on the brink of an anxiety attack, I can put my hand on him and remind myself why I’m outside. He’s the best emotional support animal I could have asked for. This is perfect for me since most anti-anxiety meds just put me to sleep.

Reptiles don’t experience emotions like us, but that’s ok. Sometimes it’s really nice to just slow down and pat a lizard or a snake.

Reptiles can’t be used as therapy animals? I think the NHS would have something to say about that;


Okay. So I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t say this about someone’s cute little aquatic turtle or someone’s fish or a tree frog. I’m willing to bet any amount of money that this comes from bias towards snakes because of your ignorant misconceptions. It’s okay to not understand an animal or be afraid of it. It’s not okay to tell me that I’m less deserving of my animals because of your personal issues with them.

As far as them being therapy animals goes, I can and will say that the most calming thing I have the ability to do at home is sit down with olly on my stomach or my lap and run my hands gently down him, which he doesn’t mind at all. My snakes have the ability to let me de-compress in only a few minutes when I’m stressed just by letting me touch them.

People find their own personal therapy jn different ways. Some people do best with therapy dogs and whatnot, some people use sensory objects, some people go on walks, I handle my snakes.

Thanks though.

A London clinic is the first to use reptiles to help patients overcome low self-worth and “communication issues”.

The Huntercombe hospital in Roehampton has enlisted Angel, a seven-year-old 5ft corn snake, in group sessions where patients can touch, feed and care for her.

The majority of its 38 patients are referred by the NHS for treatment for addictions and eating disorders.

Louise Helsdown, the occupational therapist running the programme, said snakes were a “fantastic aid” in helping people recover from mental health problems.



I’d like to add to the personal stories of reptiles as therapy animals. As someone with terrible anxiety problems, I would try to keep fish since they helped me; watching them swim was very calming for me. As a child, I didn’t really understand how to take care of fish. When I got in college, we weren’t allowed to have pets in the dorm, so I got a betta fish after researching and researching how to take care of it. Well, despite my efforts, the betta got sick and died from what I thing was fish tuberculosis. So I swore off keeping fish since I apparently have no luck with them.

Now I’m without a way to stay calm, right? I find my solace in animals, but since I’m in my dorm, I don’t have anything. Then, I found out I could keep a snake. I’ve always wanted a snake ever since I saw videos of Julius the burmese python when I was in my early teen years. My parents never let me have a snake, but I was no longer under their roof. I went to PetCo after gathering things I would need to keep a snake and bought Osiris (this was before I knew how bad pet stores were with reptiles. Never again.)

Osiris and Powder (who I got a couple months later) have been absolutely WONDERFUL animals to keep, and any time I feel anxious or panicky, I go to one of their tubs and play with them, stroking them and letting them explore my bed. The frequency of my attacks has gone down SIGNIFICANTLY, and they usually only happen if I’m unable to get to my snakes like if I’m out or something. So yes, anon. They are wonderful therapy animals. And I love Osiris and Powder JUST as much as I love my dogs or my cat.




my anaconda don’t

because that’s a burmese python

Actually pretty sure it’s an albino ball

You know, looking at the head now, I do believe you’re right.




my anaconda don’t

because that’s a burmese python

Actually pretty sure it’s an albino ball

You know, looking at the head now, I do believe you’re right.

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Anonymous asked:
Hello! I'm going to be owning my first snake soon, a young male ball python (I've had lizards, turtles and tortoises before but no snakes) and obviously I'm doing research but I was wondering if there are any particular websites or books you find helpful for newish snake owners? Thank you in advance if you can answer :)


I do recommend this book for info on ball pythons. Other than that ask around to people who have experience with ball pythons and have the enclosure set up before you get the snake to run humidity and temperature checks. And congrats on your new scale baby!

Care sheets! It won’t substitute for into in that book, but it’s a damn good place to start. And not ones by pet stores. Read care sheets written by owners and reputable breeders. Message me and I can help you out. :)